such as useful information on service points, appliances, heating and cooling, pretty much anything that would help them use their home more efficiently.

Check out our demonstration model

We have built a demonstration version our the system to give you an idea of how it works, the system shows active points on the floor plans, when these points are hovered over with a mouse, or touched on a mobile device they will reveal lots more information about the area, such as location of the stopcock and meters, maintenance information for windows, electrical point and much more, each description can be shown with a photograph to ensure that what the householder is looking is the exact information. We can really go to any length of detail. our demonstration version can be viewed here

Compliance only information

As part of the Home Quality Mark and now Building Regulations L1A and L2A we can provide fully compliant home and building user guides, the guide will cover all the points required to gain credits or simply comply with the relevant requirements, we do however recommend adding more information to the interactive guides, anything that you may feel could be useful to the householder, things like where power sockets are located, who to contact in case of an emergency and much more, the only limitation is imagination.


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